One of life's many mysteries (to men at least) - to understand women. Is it possible that there really is a definitive guide to understanding women?

This question can be answered by a modern day parable:

One sunny afternoon a man was walking along a beach on the coast of California. Whilst walking he saw something sticking out of the sand, he gave it a little tap with his foot and out from the sand rolled an old metal lamp. Out of curiosity he stopped and picked it up. He started to rub the sand off it, revealing a dull surface when suddenly "woosh", in a cloud of smoke a genie popped out of the lamp.

"I am the genie of the lamp. You have freed me from the lamp and in return I can grant you one wish."

The man thought about this for a while, and as a idea occurred to him a smile crept onto this face:

"I like visiting Hawaii and it would be really handy if I could drive there instead of catching a plane or going by boat. I wish for a bridge from here to Hawaii so I can drive over to visit whenever I want."

At this the genie rubbed his chin thoughtfuly:

"Tricky. It would require an astronomical amount of steel and concrete for the supports to reach the sea bed on the bottom of the Pacific and given how many supports would be required ... could you possibly wish for something else instead?"

The man was a bit disappointed by this. He gave a sigh, and after a moments thought replied:

"I've always had trouble with women. I have difficultly relating to them and understanding them. I wish that I could understand women, understand how how they think, what they feel and what motivates them."

The genie thought about this for a moment, before asking:

"How many lanes do you want on that bridge?"

The moral of the story is that there is no simple definitive guide to understanding women.